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Players share version 5.1 the stranglethorn fishing contest detailed result and experience

Took part in the ten times fishing contest, take three championships, so old would have wanted to write something result, but it has no time, I jump achievement that is actually in the arctic, but that there is no technical content is sheer luck and now has been cancelled so don't say, then, and then talk about the stranglethorn fishing contest.

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Hardware environment:
First need good hardware environment, guarantee the twenty minutes is not disturbed, such as prior WC, pet closed cell phone; In the bb referrals to, and then to walk more than turn leisurely, let the gulf surrounding area data read in cache, ensure that came back not card, if your computer power can ignore; More than ten minutes ahead of BFS binding in the bay, or you have that pair of shoes transfer line, I am for the first time since 5.1 the shoes is back.
There is also a method, let base friend beside the NPC directly pull you! CTM can also use of skills, now can only find a warlock base friend plus a soy sauce base friend, so can save 3 to 5 seconds.
Whether the higher skills proved the easier it is to catch, but before the ready property is always right, but the game bait time don't waste time to the.
Software strength:
Since the hardware is ready, then you're software power.
Find a fishing point relative concentration, position remote, and there is no one to disturb site, although such place in hell automatic cross-realm rarely;
Fishing and mount shortcuts on and walk position (I am QE);
A few minutes early stand good position, if the server advance 1 ~ 2 minutes start and you still in flight is a tragedy;
Fishing concentrate, remember to open to be automatic to pick up, and fish into a bag and immediately left bar;
Left bar to see fishing point didn't disappear, disappear immediately take off, I often see and I rob fishing point response is not, in fact, I'm going to time is so few seconds seconds accumulation advantage;
Left bar in the fishing point edge also can catch, need not too accurate, if the pursuit of a certain point in fishing within the next few rod may not be shaken in, the loss outweights the gain (distance fishing point 10 ~ twenty yards are appropriate, personal feeling, countless according to support);
Because of the evil to be automatic cross-realm, fishing point serious isn't enough, so often a point four or five personal rob, north of the valley of thorns can also catch as many people still don't know?

Heroic Heart of Fear Clear


I don't agree with to see someone in the fishing fishing point to rob, unless you see at the same time at the same time the hook or others only earlier than you step, because reopen after the contest, fishing point changed, no delicious fish point, but is the original HeiKou fish point, fire scale fish point etc and debris fishing point directly fish delicious fish up, and the debris can catch 1 ~ 2 times, other fishing point 4 ~ 6 times. So, you take a new fishing point caught a few bar, oneself know fairly well, and rob the other people have been in the fishing fishing point might be the loss outweights the gain.
I have time is good about, down 3 and I rob, result I catch the last a fishing point after disappear I bird leave, and the three of them is a waste of time.
About PVP:
If you are the rich person or a onto base friend can please bodyguards, bag ", then prick silk they want and don't want to get achievements PVP interference?
Find a PVE clothing base friend cross-realm go to, the past five minutes after remember PVP mark disappear, in PVE suit open PVP is very dangerous, PVE clothing saw open the PVP generally slitting.
When you do this, you will pray, pray trash fish a also not out, completed the completed with achievements.
If the number of trash fish more than 30%, then the basic hopeless.

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