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Patch 6.0.2: Hotfixes October 14

Patch 6.0.2, the Ircon Tide is now live. The pre-expansion update introduces some change and features to the game. Battle.net posts a list of hotfixes which have been implemented. Please keep in mind that some of hotfixes take effect directly while others may require your realm to be restarted to go into effect. Note that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. Welcome you to buy cheap WoW gold from best site! Here, we offer you some major points.

* All quest boss NPCs in the Blasted Lands now have scaling health pools based on the number of players engaging them.
* Resolved an issue where the toy collection count was incorrectly increasing each time the character logs in.
* The title, "of the Iron Vanguard" received from completing The Iron Invasion achievement is now account-wide.
* Reduced the health and damage of high level creatures and NPCs in Pandaria to more closely match their relative difficulty before the stat squish.
* Auction house NPCs in Siege of Orgrimmar's should no longer be level 100.
* Garrosh Hellscream's Iron Star explosion damage has been reduced to a more reasonable level in a post stat squish environment.
* Mage: Supernova now deals 30% less damage against player targets.

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