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Patch 6.0.2 Hotfixes Updates for December 2nd

For World of Warcraft players, December 2nd is a huge day, first raid Highmaul opens, and new world bosses, Apexis Crystal gear vendors and Seal of Tempered Fate comes. In addition to this, the new round of hot fixes for WoD was updated in the evening. Some major changes come to the key Garrison building. You can rest assured to buy WoW gold from our site. The discount prices and fast delivery await you!

Here read the major points of the hotfixes.

* Menagerie Level 3: Reduced the number of pet battle wins needed for the Draenic Pet Battler achievement from 500 to 150.

* Conquest Garrison Missions have been disabled temporarily from the pool of available missions for players that are eligible to receive them.

* Molten Core -- Trash mobs like Ancient Core Hounds and Lava Surgers no longer respawn.

* Conquest Points have been converted into Honor Points before the start of the season.

*Level-up items created by professions no longer use reagents that required a daily cooldown to create and are no longer soulbound. To compensate for this change, basic reagent requirements have been increased and vendor buyback price for those items have been reduced now that they're less rare.

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