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On 5.1: items with level of each part of the equipment upgrade priority


The clothes 5.1 today is opened, and have quite a lot of friends should have in ravel and open service first piece of equipment which after the upgrade of the problem? Here, we from all parts of the equipment attribute value Angle gave a simple priority, to help you make a decision.
In fact, the principle is very simple, because the equipment upgrade is in the original equipment based on the attribute scaling up, therefore, piece of equipment which initial attribute higher, upgrade which one can gain more attribute ascension.

Mimiron's Head


Note that this list is the premise of the items involved in contrast level equal, if the item level have gap so item upgrades the affirmation of the high level of ascension for more attributes. And, because of the particularity of the special effects act the role ofing is tasted, ranking will not be included in the accessories.
The first step: weapons
There is no doubt that weapon in most cases are bring you the biggest promotion, so the highest priority.
The second: the head, chest and leg guard
The three parts of the attribute ascend far outweigh the other parts of the armor, so is located in second gear. At the same time, the same level of the three parts of the equipment after the upgrade for the same attribute of ascension.
The third gear: shoulder, gloves, belts and shoes
The same level of the four parts of the equipment after the upgrade of the same attribute promotion value.
The fourth file: cuffs, mantles, necklace, ring, shield and deputy
The same level of this a few parts of the equipment after upgrade attribute of the same promotion value.
Of course, these are just the most basic level of items with each part of the equipment upgrade priority ranking, in practical operation, consider many factors,

Reins of the Drake of the North Wind



 such as:
1, professional attribute priority. Items such as level of the head and chest equipment upgrade, the two equipment upgrades of the total number of attribute values are the same, but an ascending crit, a more rapid ascension, at this time is about to see your career more favour critical strike or rapid;
2, the different content of each part of the equipment upgrade. This time will be the actual contrast which part upgrades more big, not easy to follow the above ranking.
3, going to upgrade equipment within a short period of time will replace it. If short time can can get better this site equipment, there will be no need to spend too much courage point to upgrade the only ~ ~
In conclusion, this paper is to provide you a thought and some Suggestions, more still need us to actual contrast.

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