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MOP version 5.1 against the warriors professional detailed result

I am a orc weapons war, professional tailor, mining, head anti halo gem, PVP gear on graduation, ruby red force tough, yellow all tough, gloves, belts out rewards in yellow all tough, shoulder pants enchant with endurance, single BUFF command and w blood. Always wanted to write a detailed full professional duel result, 5.0 originally wanted to write, but because version is too short, and I was playing a lot of content results Internet bar computer error cause all content all gone so no languages, see recently warrior area PVP low, determined to take time to write a duel result.
1 v1 is the basis of PVP, although blizzard that would have given up 1 v1, 2 v2 balance, but I think 1 v1 is still familiar with PVP to go first step, all the duel conditions based on arena can use conditions, so total, birds, rocket boots and so on do not carry.
Duels adhering to the Chinese "not the first to use nuclear weapons principle". The other bird I have the tortoise shell down, the other party rocket boots I have frost line network.
Evil DK
This version of the strongest enemy soldiers duel, one of the reason that is the one of, because there are two enemy. 5.0 time is can use shield against + boxing silence (silent DK don't let his mind freeze or pull) against the soul harvest, 5.1 then not. And the blood and fight face DK abnormal difficult, duel words must be out of evil, if your opponent is a cold winter, the cold winter DK when inserted, and then to willingly superposition to 4 layer to remove when defending the reduction over the cold winter break.
I don't agree with kill evil DK baby shot, this will make waste skills, and evil DK duel is to spell damage, had better be with god of war, fright, almighty talent, anger cattle charge glyphs (hands command roars and anger + charge and anger + lethal 10 anger + flat cut 12 anger + berserker rage and anger = 87 anger). Battle stance hands after charge 6 open, first open bloody and reckless call shock wave, the giant, lethal, heroic reduction, the rest of the anger play slam, dizzy cut back at the end of the defense, the first wave if bitten by the dog to stun direct badge solution, the DK first wave may pay evil, evil in the land of DK don't eat halo don't eat unarmed, but can eat fright freeze.


Legendary Gems Quest Clear

1: side dozen the side to day ghost direction procrastinate, into the ghost to day a boxing, but moving at the same time must each GCD has hurt hit the DK body, if it's too far need not have run the boxing.
2: the sword in don't were opened 40% when blood sword in open in, with fright freeze play positive, reduce death gangrene of the stack and soul harvest.
3: broken bravery in DK no operator can, don't let the DK a lich form solution the broken bravery and can add very comfortable.
4: the soul harvest DEBUFF the final seconds of the blood with assembly, line up to more than 35%.
5: don't under 35% and defensive stance, please shock wave cut when fighting, shock wave and cut back to defense, or blood offline too fast recovery is not back, can rely on the big jump charge back to anger in the anger cattle impact carved lines really works.
Even if all items do perfect, against the five word evil against DK will not very high. Because the DK as long as below 35% die gangrene + soul harvest, ice DK duel as evil DK have an advantage, and I met ice DK can win, so will not listed the details.

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