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Mists of Pandaria Warlock reckoning skills no change: 5.1 the official patch tooltips updated

Double reputation system in 5.1 this chronicle take 50 gold to buy property

Or I in a word: production team plans in the future a version, let you in a account a prestige to Revere, you multiplayer all accounts (including to Revere account), for this camp for popularity rate doubled.

An example, that you large A hide or hair worship, from now on you small BCD do hide or hair task gain popularity are * 2, A reputation for also * 2.


The system would have announced, but in a lot of players popularity after worship, or not this chronicle. So there are players complain: "I've heard that there is a what can let a person get double reputation? I am ears deaf or how, how didn't see this chronicle? Pit dad?"

Blue post spokesman Crithto in order to appease players, shows the system the latest version (PTR has been in this chronicle) :

"Thank players XX to mention it, in my earliest parlance, the player to be automatic in an account to Revere, open account under the ladder all factions get double speed Buff the popularity, but in testing, we found the" automatic open 'is not cool, not cause enough attention to players, so we decided to Revere, you want to buy something, use to open double Buff.

This change will be in 5.1 this chronicle, but please remember that 5.1 is still in development, everything can change. "

Words recently design team on the death command to recovery of gold yao, how what all started to collect the money, blizzard is to make you which ah.

The latest news, netizens to release the screenshots:


We can see from the above graph, when you the supreme god Revere, spend 50 gold buy a this trifle after use, can make the ladder pass down all of the characters of the faction reputation for open double prestige.

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