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Mists of Pandaria victory WOW global active users again break ten million

By the end of 2012 on September 30,, the global scope of the world of warcraft active pay toll has more than 10 million people. This number is three months ago have increased by about 900000 people; But lower than the same period last year about 300000.

This three months to a series of continuous growth, thanks to the new world of warcraft expansion: panda mystery of the people the official on-line. Data shows, Oriental and western countries have appeared different degrees of growth (eastern countries including mainland China, Taiwan and South Korea, western countries, including North America, Europe and Latin America). Looking to the future, blizzard entertainment to expect for global players with more attractive, more fun game content.

The following is a conference call some points:

Blizzard DotA is still in development of of. At present this project is internal test

Blizzard hearty congratulations on the panda mystery of the people in mainland China online. At present China active subscribers has reached the month 1 million people. The number and the burning crusade users pay when peak flat

Blizzard is dedicated to the faster speed for world of warcraft players with more updated content upgrade

2013 blizzard carnival will again return on schedule

Starcraft 2: freedom wing players group has reached about 6 million

Diablo 3 sales made remarkable achievements (including digital version, retail version and the annual cost door)

Blizzard plan to release diablo 3 new expansion. But at present there is no release schedule

Mission summoning: elite will through the free to attract more players into them

Mobile games for active number and profit cause is in development

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