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Mists of Pandaria version 5.1 on December 1 online correction

• Hunters
• Serpent sting damage increased by 100%, the concentration value cost has been reduced to 15 point (had 25 points).
• Survival
• Strengthen the serpent sting now immediately is equivalent to the total damage caused by 15% damage (was 30%).
• Mage
• Flame
• Combustion of continuous damage was reduced by 50%.
• Critical blazing provide critical strike chance addition coefficient reduced to 1.25 (was 1.5).

Pandaren Kite String


• Tiger type now correctly provide bonus movement speed by 10%. If the tiger type no activation, then you may need to activate it to achieve this effect.
Use, rolling over and xianglong in days of monk will now be at the carry flag in the right battlefield when moving at a speed of.
• Weave fog
• Through day strike, god crane lead a kick, the fog of comfort, broken jade lightning and recovery of the fog of mana cost increased by 30%.
The fog of comfort, and broken jade lightning now have a 30% chance of causing the damage produce qi (was 35%).
Star of divine, the damage increased by 40%, the treatment effect is improved by 133%, radius reduced by 33%.
To complete the task, "the ancient the voice of a god" players now in after completion of a mission will only in the mailbox receive an ancient roll copy.
To improve the task, "siege damage" need rust water cap drop rate.
• Task "Allah SuoFu print" of the tile LuoKaEr lieutenant will now correctly appear.

Jeweled Onyx Panther-EU



KaSang, wares jungle union soldiers no longer to them for which faction confused effect.
• Ao bone played the ruins of the torture of soul no longer slaves gratuitously against their own.
• Fixed lead to bundle nevis captain problems disappear.
Day song farm
• Fixed lead to crop can harvest time inconsistency problem. Crops now always at 3:00 a.m PST can harvest.
Underground city, the team and the battle scene
• Adjusted the more classic old world team leader, so as to make them to single brush players more friendly:
• Vichy degree,
• Vichy degree, now keep frozen 30 seconds (was 15 seconds), break Vichy degree, now need 30 times attack (had 50 times).
• Gemini emperor
Brother, treatment to cast time extended to 3 seconds (was 2 seconds).
• G SuEn
The reset, former players will now have five minutes to escape g SuEn stomach and continue to fight.
• Mr
He and Mr Obama, the ashes of fire damage to no longer immune.
Soul, the box
• Soul shock now has 15 seconds to cast time (was 0 seconds).
Fear, the heart of
Royal zor prime minister, Locke
The difficulty, hero, zor's Locke no longer sometimes summons multiple attenuation, and will be hurt by enough to ignore the second platform correctly fly to the third platform.
• Wind lords MEL gallas grams
Now, break amber prison always produces residue debuff.
• The GuShan treasure house
• The emperor's will
Sword, dongxi and QinXi in using destruction combo no longer pause.
• Eragon
• Fixed in the stage when converting ground did not resume problems.
• Fixed lead to sage Mali stop using flow pike and summoned and corruption of the problem of water.
• The king's patience
• Fixed lead to commander ska add assorted become unable to interaction problems.
Fight club
• Disruptron Mk. 3 r - Alpha attack no longer sometimes attack fight athletic field of the audience. He attacks now correctly attack stood in the arena fence enemy.
Darkness, the summoner's life value by 10% and damage by 35%.
Some short time, buff (such as bloodthirsty) will now be in the fight to remove the arena. Long time of buff (such as wild heart) will be kept.
Professional skills
• Engineering
• Burlington 4000 gift bag now have a greater chance of drop valuable items, and there are extra chance to drop an extra can sell goods.
• Tailor
• Emperor silk cocoon is no longer the only.
• Malice gladiator's crack limb boxing thorn can now use conquer points to upgrade.
To fly, the region will no longer use whirlwind of the bottle.
Using whirlwind, the bottle now always correctly make rocket jump and goblins gliding device into the cooling.
Blood, death knight no longer erroneously from random raid instances get kira g · fear of jaw, seven machetes and YiErJie grace · sawtooth crescent axe.
Enchant items,
• Use real PPM system enchant will now also produce two buff, not just refresh already exist the duration of the effect.
Error correction
In mount, the players will now correctly and KaSang post jungle faction of the daily RenWuOu portal interaction.
• Professional
Qi, sudden, glow and sacred star will no longer remove stealth, unless really to stealth damage targets.
• Hunters
With talent, a sudden wind combination when using, escape now correctly remove winding effect.
• Mage
• Fixed in rare cases will detonate two ice bomb problem.
Body, not bad now properly relief only at least monk maximum life more than 20% of the attack.
Monk, complete daily task now is always provide enlightenment.
• Get powerful hybrida cover and in hybrida cover the shortcut key light warning.
The fog of recovery, now always priority treatment players, not be controlled by the player's pet.
Holy wrath, now properly under attack strength and spell intensity addition.
When, by the shadow word: pain, vampiric touch and devouring plague influence goal from vision range, the shadow priests master: shadow ring will now continue on them activation.
Improved shadow priests, the master: shadow echoed produce spirit burn injury, which and the spiritual cauterant normal damage consistent.
The effect of inner focus, now always cast after one treatment disappear.
• Thieves
The blade of shadow, when activated, poisons now will continue to take effect.
• Shaman
Anger, release now only addition cast this spell shaman.
• Warlock
• Fixed cause voidwalker and (felguard stress field permanent activation problem.
• Evil evil spirit cassock 2 suit effect now properly make disaster's grasp edition corrosion technique the damage by 10%.

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