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Mists of Pandaria monk specialization talent skill and glyphs strategy


Professional system in Mists of Pandaria in the earth-shaking changes, tree has been removed. Instead, every 15 level three choose a new talent system. But the former three talents is thoroughly change as specialization. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the new professional monk it.

Major changes:

Mists of Pandaria the bottom in the spell book interface new" the latest changes "column. You can be in here the most intuitive to see your career in this version has experienced what are the main changes.

New profession:

Monk is a new career. In a fight, monks can play tanks, treatment or damage output responsibilities, most of the race can become a monk


Monk skills consumption energy or mana, and some special moves will consume the third kind of resources, namely "qi"

Martial arts:

Many monks moves are using double boxing or leg to attack, but some moves is still very dependent on weapons

Talent preview:

Confused tree system has been deleted, every 15 level three choose a new approach to in addition to a large number of useless talent. Simplified the player chooses.

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