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Mists of Pandaria first 90 player was born

The world of warcraft: Mists of Pandaria this morning in the EU-server take the lead in on-line, the EU-server players had already started their Pandaria and trip. The second open the Mists of Pandaria will be US-server, the time is 15 o 'clock this afternoon. And the China-server's official website also announced last night, Mists of Pandaria online time at October 2 and 24 o'clock point.

The latest news: Beijing time 10 point 10 minutes or so, there have been 90 player! The more interesting it is a druid mage. What? Oh, no, it is a call of FS druid!


Due to the heroes list update delay problems, many players doubt this small DE has been back to the file, but, just heroes list update! Have shown that this small DE 90 level(buy cheap WOW powerleveling)!





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