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Mists of Pandaria all kinds of rare elite blame to share experiences skills


I compare lazy, and in the hills such big clothing, so 27 to jump achievements. If you just want to achievement and for some items are not interested in playing time so you meet people with others said that his group you this is the time to save trouble, especially those in task point and not to drop any good thing of rare (such as bright at the entrance of the gate of the ancient, hisui Lin guo's ancient)

One day midnight find rare time looking for addiction, the result finally from 1 point find morning, midway kill N, evening competitors is less, so if you don't want to rob the day with others to a frazzle can consider all night a to complete.

PS: 3 point system will be splendid in the valley all pull to intermediate the pavilion.

First, Npcscan related

The most basic: first with a belt path npcscan, this also is other people to me of your own antivirus. With this finally don't back map...

Then in a small map is the "target" open, NPCS alarm directly after map to determine from rare bearing.

Second, refresh time

I keep watch with N a rare and BBS on feedback reports usually rare will be killed after 1 hour refresh, before and after error 1-10 minutes. This law may not apply fear spoil monkey and fish, if when 1 small haven't seen so can consider 1 h30m come again (or may have 1-10 m error), BBS on someone said have 30 m / 2 h refresh, but I have never met, so please make your own judgment.

Three, all kinds of rare strange game

PS: personally think with BB the two classes can ignore this part.

Although there are a lot of stick are discussed game, but still say your shot it, according to the individual thinks the difficulty of the sort:

1, The monkey

The monkey was the need not say more, N times keep watch object.

A stack of damage to improve the debuff, usually can ignore, need to note that if you interrupt it crazy this debuff may fold more high.

Xx cyclotron darts, see it article read when they run away a few yards, and then wait for it to call, generally speaking out of position with the position of the back not by much.

Mad: the best way is to be far, far away from control skills more abundant professional can read in mad after article with control skills play section (don't read with no article, at that time interrupt it does not trigger CD, before long he will put)

2, Mantis demon

A call edge what skills, not from a few seconds will die, solution is to look at it from its article read when positive through (melee)

Cyclone: wind will only in a small range turn circle, pull open the little good

Wind song: the damage will improve, note that good.

PS: fear the mantis demon, if you are like this without buff lz, you can bring a rare and small blame go to outside space to play, the way of rare only damage outside the small blame he went away.


A whirlwind leg: distance actually very close, just outside in visual effect can, interrupt with mad.

Treatment: must break... . This needless to say it

There is not too far away or else it will have been qi burst

4, Lizard people

Lizard people difficult is 2: fear and praying mantis, the two level higher and bring the younger brother, younger brother treatment for each professional different did not say..

Will give you hang a few seconds off 5% of the blood debuff

Oh yes.. If someone nearby from it far it would pull a person come (including l)

Vanish: disappears if they were not playing out after coming out with a skill played N much blood, solution seems to be playing it, with BB or use aoe, this is I just found, it is my uncle dozen once won't put that that.

5, Gold fish people

This really hard, if you will, I 87 it yourself out of the beautiful silk fish people.

Rain-dance virtuoso: interrupt with crazy, do not interrupt is around the rare according to shun/inverse time circle can, is not reduction is could not hit you, can't run too far, far will take off war.

Riptide: don't interrupt is dead

Water arrow: dozen don't interrupt optional.. Best don't interrupt or lotic time CD with the cup

6, Tauren

Buffalo trampled under foot: run away can, eat a will never die, be coma.

Roar fury: increases damage at the same time reduce the movement speed and couldn't resist the words can consider the kite.

There is far away from the he will charge you

7 and 8, the ancient

The ancient law pay attention to hide the ground loops can, need to pay attention to is that he began to read the article no matter how you will hide in your feet.

The ancient physical semicircle chopped (forget name).. Melee in a positive way through, remote can consider to hide far point.


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