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Memory: go away with time talent and skills minister article

Like in reality some animals, some of the skills of also with the passage of time, be blizzard poaching and destroyed. Although some skills is so interesting, convenient, and even called god skill. But blizzard or ruthless to delete.
Through this long and short eight years later, we found that warcraft has changed a lot, even some people's extreme view is: eight years ago, compared with warcraft has become another game. But anyway, those who had run instructions and chart still be able to arouse the memory of our hearts.
So today we might as well a up review, those who disappear with time of the talent and skill.
The priest article:
MS is a particularly interesting career, warcraft first appeared in the history of the priests, before a mage and druids, warlock these concepts. In warcraft from open suit to this MS is not necessarily the best, but it is to do the most with one of the professional carefully.
Sixty level, MS is or not lack of career, each race MS has its own "special skills", in addition to the MS other classes are not the special place.
The priest racial skills:
Dwarves: fear ward can learn
Mana feedback circle
Night: star fall
Elune blessing
Humans: prayer of despair (talent)
Sacred hymns
Undead: devouring plague
Curse of shadow
Troll: weakness
Shadow guard
Different MS, in the team plays a different role, visible MS by blizzard special care.
Now with "assimilation" pace, the definition of racial abilities have been deleted, put on the MS from before to now be deleted conventional skills.
Elune blessing: make your ranged damage reduced by XX point, and make your withdrawal rate is increased by 15% for 15 seconds, CD5 minutes.
Blessed are the earlier MS race skills, to learn, can be after 5 minutes of the large cooling it serves to show the effect of strong.
Prayer of spirit/divine spirit: is your team/your own spiritual improve XX point for sixty minutes.
Old MS will not forget the candles, because the definition of mental attributes change, the two skills to be deleted.
Mana burn: from the target extraction XX mana, and make it by extraction mana half damage.
After the last version of the god of your skill, JJC face hostile treatment/law, can depend on the person died vomiting blood..
Stars debris (star fall) : call the stars fragments to damage the target for XX arcane damage.

Similar to the druid on fire, also from the night race technical improvement for learning, then be deleted.
Hope ps target in 15 seconds every 5 seconds reply XX mana.
Similar to the druid activation skills, but cooling slightly long 5 minutes.
Devour magic: dispel the priest itself a gain, restore XX mana, can dispel the priest own skills.
Dispel a BUFF to back to the blue, think impassability this ability is actually called CD - 3 minutes.
Feedback (god's) : any damage to the priest skills, can make its itself is equivalent damage and lose XX mana.
100% back injury also burn blue for 15 seconds of strong big recruit.
Weakness: target the damage reduction XX point, and the treatment effect was reduced by 20%.
The troll race to learn skills instead. Really want to SS of the curse of weakness, and at the same time with lethal effect.
Touch of weakness: make the priest next melee attacks can cause additional shadow damage and make the other side damage by XX point.
It's hard to imagine MS will go to melee attack each other, but the skill hit each other, each other will be affected by 2 minutes of weak effect.
Shadow ward/prayer of shadow protection: the priest/minister squad members dark resistance to improve XX point
Deleted, the reason is the definition of resistance effect by blizzard abandoned.
Shadow guardian (shadow guardian) : make against the priest goal by XX shadow damage, the damage effect, have no hatred, three times.
Change since the troll MS race skills, visual effect is similar to the SM water shield.

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