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Highmaul LFR and Mythic Will Go Live

As the Highmaul opening schedule presents, both LFR and Mythic Highmaul will be live at 10 AM PST. European servers will see their LFR and Mythic variations up tomorrow. But after rolling restarts this morning, there's no Highmaul. So just when can raiders expect to find these new raids in operation? According to Bashiok, 10AM (in each region's release time) is when raids like Highmaul arrive. Players should never miss cheap WoW gold!

For those players on North American realms, they will see LFR and Mythic Highmaul starting at 10 AM PST, while European players will wait tomorrow morning 10 AM to hit up their LFR and Mythic Highmaul. Notice that if one LFR wing isn't enough, the second and third wings open on December 16th and January 6th, respectively. Are you ready for them? Here, we exclusively offer you WoW gold at reasonable prices!

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