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Guild wars 2 characteristic weapon system - environment weapons is introduced

Played the network game's you must for weapons will not strange, but Guild wars 2 of the weapon system seems to and other game is different. Because in guild wars 2, there is a special kind of weapon, called the environment weapons.
Environmental weapons, is obtained from the environment weapons. In the Guild wars 2 , by the environmental weapons a player will be able to use and environmental weapons corresponding skills, properly use environment weapon will allow players are in advantage position. But environmental weapons generally very easy to damage or duration is limited, and if thrown out, they may not be able to bring back to use anymore.

Players in the guild wars 2 "map will come into contact with a lot of can use environment weapons, including various items used can be used. Some are can use siege weapons, while others are temporary use, such as wood. Some, such as the rabbit, strict sense is not weapons, but there will be the same with the use of weapons. There are many ways to get environmental weapons, including pick up take, element that call, engineers tool skills, soldier's flags, NPC giving, the thief's stealing, or even take up. Some environmental weapons can use some skills to create out, some are designed to achieve specific goals. Such as the coast of lost a shabby camps, where there is a spray poison of the pike, only 25 times the number of use. But its powerful skills really impressive.

Whenever you get environment weapons, environment weapon will replace your existing weapons, there will be one to five skills replace you original weapon skill. For example, you operate a battery, then you will get change battery direction and make battery emission ability. Players can even use carma value only buy with a nuclear biochemical accident suit, when you use this equipment, you will control a health two thousand GaoLun, when GaoLun health be equal to zero, you will be forced to leave, you can also use active leave skills. Not all environmental weapons are so complicated, and some can only be waving, and some can only be cast out, or throw out can also pick up come back with. The most common is stone, and stick and so on.
The different professional use the same environment weapons can also have different effects, such as element that cast a stone size elements could trigger a meteorite shower. While the other career may be only will be used for throwing stones.
Monster in some cases also can use environment weapons. Take the giant monster, it can be thrown at giant sword players, then will create a named "giant swords" environment weapons, the giant can pick up the sword attack. Of course, clever players will beat picked up the sword attack.
At the same time, special professional can also make your own environment of weapons, such as the frost bow, bow of frost is the element that call magic, frost summon create environment weapons, with five strong skills, can release a total of 15 times skills.
Can say, in the guild wars 2 "environment weapons everywhere, the roadside plank brick can also be your winning weapons. Think about it, a cake of plank brick walk the world, is how V5!


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