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Don’t Miss Live Developer Q&A on This Friday, September 5

Blizzard has announced a live developer Q&A which will take place on this Friday, September 5 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. Community Manager Josh “Lore” Allen sits down with Lead Game Designer Cory Stockton and Lead Narrative Designer Dave Kosak will answer your question live on Twitch TV. They’ll be discussing topics such as the world design of Draenor, the new exciting activities you’ll be able to take part in, and a ton of information on the highly anticipated new Garrisons feature. You can expect information about garrisons, questing, new features, and general world design. Given the absence of Celestalon, it's doubtful questions about class design will see much traction. Though the Q&A will not begin until Friday, you can seed your questions on Twitter with  the hashtag #WarlordsQA.

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