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Crab blue post question and answer: hunter output weakness? I don't see anything

Recently, the crab to blue stick q&a form the player back some of the content on the hunter.

Q: Hunting stimulus (talent) now does not reduce burst fire consumed concentration value. This is you are interested in? Every 5 minutes lost nearly 1 k + centralism.

Answer: no. Hunting stimulus should be applied to burst fire. This is a BUG, and fixed it.

Q: I know simulator is not very accurate, but can you explain why a pure DPS class (hunter) simulation results than all other mixed professional (here controversial, ATM may also refer to not play rookie to attack of the crab professional balance do bad) oh ah low?

A: My hand work has enough, simulator accuracy I really don't want to go to pipe it. Only a week to analytical RAID damage, and basic is only two BOSS. We've still not see any professional obvious lag behind, but a week later we will again see whether who is to fall behind the.

Q: We except for one aim changes beyond, in 5.1 can get more change? Or other professional more important?

We have not made any changes to the 5.1 career.


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