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Change the appearance guild wars 2 hair style change tool online

Whether still complaining about the role of guild wars 2 hair not good-looking, or is not enough height? Now, your savior finally appear! ArenaNet through the Twitter sent out a message. Black lion trade company is selling a style change tool.


ArenaNet: now can be in black lion trading company to buy style, style change bag, hope you'll like it:)
You can buy custom hairstyle to change your original hairstyle. This tool will cost you 250 gems, or 5 1000 gems. If you want to change more, in fact this is allowed. You can buy another tool to change your looks, even you can also through the tools to change your character, in addition to you in personal story has made choices, which include your race, professional and background. A tool changing will spend 350 gems, or 5 1400 gems.
If can't wait to want to change the appearance of your characters?


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