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Blizzcon 2014: Art Gallery Celebrate The Development of WoW

This year's Blizzard gallery is really worth a visit, and it was a special treat highlighting the history and development of Warcraft and World of Warcraft. If you were looking for a trip down memory lane, this was the place to be: along with early concept art and design documents, a monitor cycled through screenshots of WoW's past, including an early image of WoW running on the Warcraft III engine, the first Molten Core raid and the first Blackwing Lair raid. It is wise of you to buy WoW gold from our site, for our professional team will offer you WoW items and fast delivery!

After the opening ceremony announced Overwatch, an empty part of the gallery filled with Overwatch concept art and attracted most of the attention away from Warcraft's past, but it was fun to venture back into Blizzard's past before heading into Blizzard's future. For more artworks, check out the official site! In addition, if you are looking for cheap WoW gold, don’t hesitate to choose us! We guarantee to offer you the best services!


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