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Blizzard: world of warcraft 5.2 and subsequent versions of PvP gear

PvP gear in the near future will get some improvement, we want to before this let everybody detailed understanding of how we are going to make improvement, and allow the player to have a better understanding of the reasons behind them. We also welcome the world of warcraft PvP in the community you can participate in the discussion.


Challenges encountered


The following is our in the next few patch need to pay attention to solve the problem:


The early advantage


At present more common is: from the start of the campaign to take advantage of the players can quickly obtain the best equipment, and the matching of high level in Jacob's ladder rank take in the position. In many cases these players will seldom to participate in the rest of the season, but can still get bonus at the end of the season. This is obviously not a fair competition, this ladder mechanism also no irritation whatsoever. We hope that Jacob's ladder list can always be full of competition, high ranking players still need in the whole season working to maintain the ranking, and not just in establishing a certain advantage early after waiting to get the reward.


Started in the middle


In the middle of the season in PvP players start of the biggest problem is the gap in the equipment. Early start than the player, the player's equipment obvious disadvantage. We want to let players in PvP season have to middle still have enough reason to join them, but at the same time, also do not forget to let those from beginning to end the season in the players get their due reward.
Matching level demand
At present PvP equipment matching level needs to achieve and is not up to 2200 levels of players is separated from the distinguish between intangible, and the threshold is not an easy was up. We hope to see the team through certain learning radian, gradual improve ranking; Rather than play to a certain level are suddenly hit the south wall, can't continue to forward.

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