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Blizzard: random team copy goods distribution system changes

Players for new looking for team system of goods distribution mechanism have scruples, so we to looking for team system based on demand priority items distribution mechanism has made some changes. In the use of looking for team system established the soul of the team copy team, the player on the demand to determine their professional role (tanks, therapy or damage output) matching equipment or weapons will receive 100 bonus rolls bonus points. And the current player's sure professional role is in the boss was beat you in a professional role. For example:
A boss fell a tank accessories.

The ranks of the mage click on the "greed", points for 98; Rage war want to do vice talent tanks, click on the demand, the points for 64; Two tanks want to this article, which had 12 and 7.





So the result is like this:
Because the choice of greed, directly out of her. Rage war points than two tanks are high, but his boss fell in damage output character, and this article is to belong to the tank class, so his 64 point just ordinary 64/100. And two tanks in roll click won the 100 point addition, because they are boss fell belong to tank role, demand is also tanks items. This means that two points should be 112/200 and 107/200, so originally roll out 12 point tanks won this item. If a demand roll point won the addition, the bonus will be in chat records have obvious mark.
But please note that, at least so far, the system only for professional role effective, has not been covered specific talent. At the same time, the addition of all three categories of items - tanks, damage output and treatment are effective, and at the same time, some items is also covered many role. In the beginning, only the soul of the team in the copy items will click here to mark. What is clear is that the demand of normal priority system is still the first, so the roll point addition will not cover normal professional limitation and use the item limit. The items that will not show that it belongs to which category, but you should be able to very intuitive subservience and item type on discrimination.
We are considering to 4.3 new 5 copies of also use this system, but it is not likely to further spread to the old copy and copy of the team. At the same time the system is a new design, in the 4.3 version of the online system for the team before may also vary.


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