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Blizzard: 5.1 grey pet can't fight through the stone improve quality



Earlier blizzard release information: in 5.1 joined battle stone, which is used to improve the quality of the combat pets. This information release lead to many keep watch blue rare pet players just grab the grey, white quality of pet, the static and the coming of 5.1, with a stone of combat ascension pet quality. This not only saves the players keep watch pet time, also let more people can have rare pets.


And blizzard again hair announcement:

Will the white quality pet upgrade for the green quality pet stone of combat, we may take 1000 point justice points in the businessman place to buy.

The green quality pet upgrade for blue quality pet will fight to the stone from the pet against daily rewards open, of course, can also be through the struck field small pets gain, but probability is extremely low.

Use a stone of battle, pet level will automatically lower, lower rules for: 1-15 level pets level is reduced, 16 to 20 level pet lower grade 1, 21-25 level pet lower level 2.

This announcement means that only white quality combat pets can through a stone of combat step by step promoted to blue quality pet, so the player has capture to gray quality combat pets need to discard, to a minimum level of white quality pet.

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