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Blizzard Offers WoW Free Subscription Time to Compensate Players

Blizzard apologized for Warlords of Draenor server issues which plagued the launch and caused some login problem. On the official forums, the executive producer and vice president J. Allen Nethaera Brack apologized the issues and announced an additional 5 days will be add to active players’ accounts. In the massage from Brack, it mentioned that the subscription extension will apply to all accounts in the Americas, Oceania, and Europe which were active on November 14. To combat the high queues and other gameplay issues, Blizzard is continuing to implement "the new instancing tech" which will increase the available population of servers to "double the prelaunch capacity." This is the best site for you to buy cheap WoW gold.

You can head to the official forums to read the detail post. By the way, we highly recommend you buy WoW gold here!


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