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Blizzard Limits the Number of WoW Tokens For Players

We introduced the fluctuate value about wow token at a earlier time. Now we get something new about wow tokens want to share with you: Blizzard entertainment limits the number of wow tokens for a players can buy in a 30 days period, players can only buy 10 tokens within 30 days. And if you want some wow gold, our site will be your first choice.

On the same day that the World of Warcraft Tokens launched, the limit to how many players could buy with gold was ‘significantly increased,’ while the 10 per 30-day limit remained for those Tokens bought with real money. The exact limit on how many Tokens can be purchased with gold is unknown.

As VentureBeat points out, there were a few too many Tokens for sale without players purchasing them on that first day. The increase to how many players can buy with gold and the waning novelty of earning quick gold the day of the Token’s launch are starting to stabilize the World of Warcraft Token’s cost now. However, it might still take some time to see a truly stable figure, since players come and go quite often when playing an MMO.

We will keep updating for you as there is new things happen. By the way, we also provide cheap wow gold on our site and you can buy wow gold safely here.

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