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Blizzard developers: version 5.1 also not to be pet promoted to purple quality

Version 5.1 has been landing test suit, this version of the fresh content will be more and more exposure. Blizzard designer recently received overseas website interview, talked about quite a bit about this version of the information, together and see it:

Blizzard developers a patch 5.1 related questions:

Q: Will the warlock in new "into the dark temple" scene in the battle for the green flame?

A: I can't say that must be A scene campaign oh.

Q: just look at the official PTR guidelines, including 1: "get camp recognition can help the camp to upgrade their base." Excuse me, does this belong to independent mirror, such as molten front this, or like the sun well that all server range?

A: This is A good question! Yes, these changes are all server range. Continuously upgrade the camp to your faction a good companions, and ascension also need not too long time. For instance you can recruit a mage mercenaries add a arcane wisdom what of. Of course, all of the task is still the PVE. We try to make these looks more like a war, and let the weak clothing players still have something to play. Now this looks more like a test.

Q: Will 5.1 the hunter have more changes? Not really like test suit so changed the aimed shot?

A: Words, test suit changes you also believe ah ~ is not A formal changes.

Q: Are the fight against a stone of pet to all combat pets effective? (wild and the wild)?

A: Congratulations you got the right answer.

Q: Is purple quality battle stone can really put the pet upgraded to purple? If so it's fate?

A: Purple stone of combat not in 5.1 to join.

Q: So soon 5.1, players even H haven't get through these copies will be entirely out of date!

A: New content released more quickly can represent the old content has been out of date oh.

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