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Blackrock Foundry Item Level Increase Incoming

If you are like many WoW players, you were probably expecting to see your ilvl increase when you started doing Blackrock Foundry. Being the next instance in progression, it seems only logical. However, up until this point, that simply wasn't the case. In fact, many groups found themselves with an average item level that was just barely above the loot they had previously collected in Highmaul. Bummer.

Recognizing the problem, Blizzard has recently announced that will increase the item level of all raid drops from all difficulties of the Foundry. This includes any items your character may have already obtained. This change will be effective for all equipment in Black Foundry, the level of equipment you get before, also will be improved. The changes of each difficulty of Blackrock Foundry as follows:

• LFR:650(Before)-> 655(After)
• Normal:665(Before)-> 670(After)
• Heroic:680(Before)-> 685(After)
• Mythic:695(Before)-> 700(After)

Be sure to check out the official blue post regarding the Blackrock Foundry Item Level Change.

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