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Battle.net Slammed by DDoS

Warlords of Draenor‘s first raid Highmaul just has arrived and two huge world bosses and a new season come. All the WoW fans were supposed to be exciting in this important day. However, the truth is not like that. World of Warcraft maintenance was supposed to end at around 11:00AM PST, but was delayed twice, eventually landing on 3:00PM PST. Once Blizzard opened the gates, the servers were devastated by both demand from users and a DDoS attack from proxies in China. You can see the attacks for yourself on Digital Attack Map. Buy WoW gold at the best site!

It appears Lizard Squad is behind the madness, making this its second successful attack in two days. Yesterday, it caused temporary destruction of Xbox Live’s service, leading to thousands of frustrated new Xbox One owners who purchased the console during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Blizzard has deemed it necessary to take measures that may result in servers going down. BlizzardCS posted that “We are currently testing possible resolutions across various realms. Some realms may be taken offline during this process.”

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