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After Mysteries of Pandaria double efficiency reverence: 5.0 reputation system the upcoming changes


All kinds of faction reputation has been world of warcraft game a large part, with the passage of time, we also according to different reputation made some adjustments, let it become more interesting, can also give players with some unique items. For example we have recently on the game the estimation of some items online correction, let players can buy some earlier articles. But we planned changes can be far more than that!

In a future patch, prestigious acquisition process will become more fluent. Basically, once one of your role to a camp of reverence (or above) prestige, you the same over account of the rest of the role will be able to double speed to get the reputation.

More good news is that the rule also applies to your main number! That is to say, once you Lord number to a camp of reverence popularity, then the next, this role in the process of to worship will can get double reputation!

The following is a brief introduction:

Any role, get to a camp of reverence prestige

Account, all other role will be able to get at the rate of 200% with the faction reputation

• To Revere prestigious that role to worship in the former can also get popularity at the rate of 200%

• Make turned

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