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About 4 t14 inspired glyphs income under the small calculation

Today we still found to 4 under the t14 inspired glyphs income is still no conclusion. Boring made a small calculation, first pendulum hypothesis and the conclusion is as follows:
First of all you've got four t14 equipment. In view of each different wear etc, from intelligence for spell crit also have a slight difference in the steal lazy, take a relatively lower limit value. According to the team full of buff 17000 intelligence calculation (you have a king and 5%, and a little bit of added intelligence food. Don't forget your jewelry will also trigger intelligence, the and so on estimation down naked body without buff intelligence about 16000 or so, this to a down chemical weapons such as loading at around 485 milk ride should be easy to do), provide spell crit at around 10%.
Secondly inspire glyphs earnings and holy shock crit rate is closely linked. First of all, you have a 25% crit own skills, 5% team spell crit buff, and 10% of the intelligence provides the crit. I even if you are immortal, from equipment for critical strike the equivalent of about 1200, or 2% crit, that you of shock blasting rate 42%.



Above two hypothesis bring you 12% of the panel crit (10% from intelligence, 2% from crit).
Each of the different methods on milk, I also not presume speculation. I analysis about some continuous treatment of stress in the boss I every five seconds shock times, this number is 0.9, which was to my technique and 4 t14 equipment, under the support of every 5 seconds I will release 0.9 times shock.
The conclusion is as follows: based on the above lazy assumption (12% panel crit, 5 s release 0.9 times shock), inspire glyphs in fighting spirit of an average of less than 10000 cases (of course is full, we in the buff said boss war), back to the blue effect is better than no glyphs.
If your panel crit is better than 12%, threshold value increase. If your every 5 seconds shock use times greater than 0.9 times, threshold value increase.
I'm not won't do excel, I just feel too tired, let's do a qualitative analysis it.
Then said the simple calculation process.



Reins of the Drake of the West Wind


First of all, shock number of statistical source is the last time I t14 farmers with four various need to continue treatment boss time statistics, wol address as follows:
Statistical method is, (shock number/combat duration) * 5
The GuShan H2, the battle lasted for 404 seconds, shock, 75 times every 5 seconds shock 0.928 times
The GuShan H1, the battle lasted for 349 seconds, shock, 66 times every 5 seconds shock 0.946 times
Fear N4 interchange, the battle lasted for 346 seconds, shock, 62 times every 5 seconds shock 0.896 times
Series Taiwan N3, fighting lasted for 451 seconds, shock, 77 times every 5 seconds shock 0.854 times
Series Taiwan N2, the battle lasted for 289 seconds, shock 51 times, every 5 seconds shock 0.882 times
Series Taiwan N1, fighting lasted for 383 seconds, shock, 69 times every 5 seconds shock 0.901 times
Statistics estimate above every 5 seconds shock 0.9 times.
Secondly, inspire glyphs reduced't a MP5 formula is,'t a MP5 = 3000 * (shock crit) * (every 5 seconds shock times), don't ask me why.
Finally, according to the lazy assumption, inspire glyphs reduced't a MP5 for 1134. According to the fighting spirit back to the blue formula't a MP5 = 6000 + 1.132 * (spirit) * (fighting spirit back to the blue ratio), the threshold value is for 1134 / (1.132 * 10%) = 10000 or so.
Preliminary calculation, the problem is welcome to communicate with me, the above.

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