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A New Dedicated Forum to Ashran Opens

Blizzard CM Kaivax posted that there's a new forum dedicated solely to Ashran.  If you have an opinion about Ashran, now there's a place for you to take it. It seems that it doesn’t appear to have a counterpart in Europe yet. Ashran's been a hot topic as of late for problems with queue times and difficulty in balancing it - with some players having used Ashran to gear up it's not not uncommon to see people discussing one faction utterly dominating the zone now. Here it is easy for you to buy cheap WoW gold online!

If you're interested in Ashran and possibly in contributing your voice to the discussion (you may have a good suggestion for fixing the issues, or just a perspective that hasn't been considered yet) then head over to the new official forum for the PvP zone and make your voice heard.

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