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90 versions speed brush CTM team copy achievement dragon strategy to share

Old 1 ShiTouRen H difficulty and achievements do together, small blame all clear. The right of points, respectively, the up and down or so, points which direction under each run. T hard to eat blackwater can, trample on crystal basic can ignore, now DPS only a blackwater, let DPS has run ahead of the direction, don't run in the wrong direction.
Old 2 nazim general team please do ordinary difficulty, BOSS blood control to about 300 w hit 10 times put off BOSS is good, the difficulty of the YX around half points down DPS kill your eyes and tentacles, T it good big tentacles.
Old three small soft male YX difficulty do, good color and then a chance it. BOSS itself is very slag, don't kill it, one can do all small soft achievement, but this is see face, washes the face to open BOSS ~


Reins of the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher


Old four eternal eyes shaman, first to common difficulty let hunter, reset the BOSS to take the form of electric weapons, and then a substation. Seven people stand ahead of a (recommended from four column position, began to stand around the outer ring every ten yards a person, basic is a semicircle, the most close to 2 point column 3 individuals responsible for electric leakage, T milk + literally a DPS) to play the BOSS, etc into electric stage; Into electric stage small blame out in 12 point buy, T pull to 10 point position and DPS kill then counterclockwise electric leakage, the last three people facing run past position jump achievement. Then can destroy group play YX difficulty, YX difficulty basic and common, ice stage ice pillar playing fast is good.
Old five twilight dragon H difficulty do directly, the BOSS really very pit. H normal difficulty can be killed, 3 times good points respectively, eat trial DPS his hide good dark bomb, hands bloodthirsty \ heroic have.
Old 6 black Angle ordinary do, good points 6 equal parts will arrange full-time staff eat their own position of the little black circle, big black ring residual four rock. Little dragon kill run good black circle, it is quite simple. H as soon as possible difficulty DPS get rid of dragonet, engineers need not say more? Pay attention to P2 to kill the great dragon.

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