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5.2 the mage changes deep and may change is a key

From 5.2 first large-scale change perspective, to modify the BLZ talent commitment, but there are still a lot of changes to the unknown significance. Item by item analysis, try to analysis to find out the change ideas.
Deep freeze: now is crushed ice addition spells will break the effect.
Analysis: the changes for PVP more far-reaching influence, but in PVE fields and 5.1 deep "almost no difference. In PVE, deep and ADD more used to control, and at the same time auxiliary ice method output. In the 5.1 version of the 4 seconds, deep, because PVE occasion no deep "glyphs support, ice method to ADD the most deals 1 ice arrows and 1 ice lance damage (i.e. double storm), modified in ice arrow shot to hit the target break deep" by using the ice gun, the ice gun can still enjoy the crushed ice damage. Of course, this ADD actual coma freeze time will be slightly less than before, reduce 1 seconds.
Now wish to remove the cooldown of wake up, wake up and lead time and duration reduced by 50%. Wake up after the completion of the guide to the damage by 15% (was 25%) for 1 minutes (was forty seconds). Who wish to activated passive mana recovery was reduced by 50%.


Primal Diamond

Analysis: this is one of the focal points of this change, it is clear that this change also need further improvement. Other not mention, remove the cooling time and wake up wake up half lead time with sensei glyphs will appear 3 seconds back 40% life value of the terrible self healing ability, the most possible subsequent changes is to awaken the talent for h. increase CD. Simply reduce the amount of a single treatment will be greatly weakened PVE normally the glyphs competitiveness, after all, under normal circumstances minute clock wake up only once. Increased duration and weaken the bonus damage is essentially the same modified content, will wish completely into the energy of runes mobile version.



Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake




Vivid Elven Peridot

Every minutes, may need to spend 3 seconds to keep damage increase and buff, and energy rune need only 1.5 seconds. This may take 1.5 seconds let it has the ability to move, but specific every minutes need to move many seconds to play for possible? At zero rapidly about the need for 49.0 seconds in array of more than 10% under the rapidly for 50.0 seconds. 20% haste for 50.8 seconds. In other words, when a battle mobile time more than one 6 of the total time, they can use on wishes. Due to the lead time reduction and duration of the increase, the original wish talent by rapid growth greatly bonus has been deprived of, but all the unfailing. In addition, changes for "make wake guidance time and duration reduced 50%" refers to wake time reduced to 3 seconds, and at the same time, back to the blue buff shorten to 3 seconds, that is to say the future talent wish under each jump back to the blue need only 1 second. Wake up 2 seconds can still get the maximum gain, but is no longer a binary wake up wake up, but three sections.

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