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5.1: the alliance and horde story and prestige the trigger node

The following is the 5.1 alliance tribe story line arrangement, with prestige the trigger node.
Task line open, varian and strategic lu assorted to pan Dali and set up camp, the two sides
Open scene campaign a little patience/darkness dagger
Friendly 950/6000:
Union line - thousand dough: in order to consolidate the pan Dali and action, the league back in the fight club kill time wash agent connery, this person is a drag master, was found for the dwarves makeup.
Tribal line, the sound of the gods: manasseh's harp to pan Dali and effectively, and met with lu assorted. In the sacred relics to archaeology by Lear 穃 u94f6 thorn efforts, tribe in the valley of the fathers find height about ray WangSheng clock clue, this is a can inspire our morale, to bring opponents are and fear clock.



Brawler’s Guild RANK 1-6


Friendly 4200/6000:
Union line - the sound of the gods: agent connery drag into pure land in the ancient cape tribe camp, found the tribe are looking for ray WangSheng clock;
Tribal line - tribe is family: woking in ancient road effectively by lu what the heart, is Chen storm spirits, I was saved by shoreland village culture. Woking through the furnace stone into the body in the dulong's thar big dens in the saar for help. In agra farewell later, thrall lifted the occupation echo islands library caron troops armed.
Respect 2850/12000:
Union line - jaina hope: the discovery of a large number of blood elves to participate in looking for ray WangSheng clock this fact, because their went to dalaran. And rhonin's successor, the incumbent will "red chief jaina says it does not want to see dalaran in this division.
Tribal line - blood will have blood: holy relics society in the old cape search for clues about ray WangSheng clock. Lu assorted without warning or archaeological scholars about the ancients into stone, leading to the investigation of the blood elves to many casualties. Los harp and express their dissatisfaction.

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