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5.1 the warlock epic tasks: pull and the relevant incentives unknown

The standard of measure leader

And mist of drinking aboard the conversation

, Pull and the conversation

Task description

Our "Pandaria plan" to a new stage. Alliance pour all of its naval forces in the south coast landing. Your king want according to the tribe in this new continent of hostility to respond.

Garrosh, hell roaring has tribal advance guard push in battlefield, relatively varian, black Ryan king to me more some secret can explore. Now you are free to listen to me about your the leader.

The arrangement of the prince

Kill KaSang post jungle south coast tribal members, until you are black prince prestige to Revere prestige.

• Black prince (already reverence)


I have a plan, as the vast amount of the rights and interests of the war solution. Through you on the battlefield record to prove I alliance is deserved victory party..

You this is no longer face down such abstract group. You now face the enemy is in front of you.

You really will triumph?

Headquarters of minor changes

In KaSang post jungle Domination Point location kill nazim blood handle, it is recommended that teams complete.

Kill, Npc # 67461


I have long time concern about a orc generals. Nazim blood handle since in south barren land repel alliance after the attack was garrosh, hell roaring add favour. He is now in the stronghold of Domination Point guard.

I suspect that the alliance can fix him. But the words come back, you also prove that I miss a times.

If you think the results him, they called on you friend... Many friends.

Lions roaring

For the league win 10 games victory on the battlefield


This is a world war ii, < name >. And the war spread to pan Dali and, and makes the to kalimdor and the eastern kingdoms of some of the key areas are affected. Normal front will let you how to running? On this point I want to confirm.

I'm looking forward to you from the battlefield news.

Quartermaster? (the original Packmaster) call

And pull and the conversation


"Professional >, through your eyes, I can see you in coast through the fighting, as well as in the world scope the epic battle experience. Now you have been very patient... Very useful.

I this period of time have been focus on your king. Are you interested in listening to me about I recently saw what?.

Unusual scroll

And your evil minions to talk to identify the source of the scroll

The use of language, confirm scroll

Confirmation, the role of the scroll

• Zerah, the book (already provide)


A scroll is a kind of vanity and tangled font languages, looks like from the paper spread out. He seems to be relevant and demons, but this kind of extreme complicated symbol let you don't judge.

Maybe one of your nightmare minions can tell you what

Dead speakers

Will magic book back to you hold the warlock trainers


Returned to their city, and find out the tour trainers, they may to the magic book by more understanding.

The legend of the six Bi parliament

Reading the parliament's heritage, "the first chapter

• Reading the parliament's heritage, "the first chapter


This book is perhaps the I'm looking for a blockbuster...

Are you familiar with the dark reapers parliament yao, < name >?

When deathwing is defeated, the six most powerful warlock together, to teach other warlocks from we beat the enemy hands steal magic power.

You can see my side of this scroll...

Enlistment order

In KaSang post jungle Lion 's Landing find admiral Taylor


The end of the trip in parliament, they will all their learned knowledge to teach each other regardless of the wizards

Who knows they then disappear...

< name >!You brought a scroll is perhaps we persuade them to join to Alliance? Attacks the best medicine.

Find admiral Taylor and persuading recognition of your important action.

Kill plug the Nora

From the butcher plug the Nora hand made the parliament's legacy of the second chapter, it is located in Domination Point.

The spirit world, kill wizard plug the Nora

Take, the seal good letters


< name >... You hear not wrong. Varian king gave me a looking for dark reapers parliament task.

Unfortunately, the tribe also looking for them. I spy recently gave me a message, said spirit world wizard plug the n is the second part of the the death note.

To Domination Point, kill plug the Nora, all from his rotting bodies found on things back

After a stone of soul

Reading Jubeka notes and use the clues to find four pieces of soul fragments of stone.

Hellfire peninsula, find that a piece of

• Find vanity storm that piece

In blade's edge mountains, find that a piece of

Shadowmoon valley, find that a piece of

• Jubeka notes (has been)


< name >, you find things in a Jubeka Shadowbreaker notes.

Reading notes, from its revealed information to find her to go to.

Find her those souls stone and use its lock her position

... But one thing I always don't understand... You get the warlock of this note, but she declared his are still with me? Well, I'll never understand that these warlocks

Pursue signal

Follow the guidance of dark soul stone to the door of the house.

The entrance of the house, to the darkness.


Soul stone fragments on your hands easily fusion together.

Strangely, the soul stone and no memory what soul, instead this stone is shadowmoon valley where the draw strength.

Into the dark shrines

Follow Kanrethad and Jubeka trace into darkness temple.

Reach the top of the house, the dark


Obviously, Jubeka soul stone to guide you to arrive at the house of darkness.

The problem is... Why?

The only choice is to enter the depths and proved why they are here.

Eye of the naaru

The eye of the storm brings fog of drinking aboard the.

• Eye of the storm (has been)


Soul nuclear change become a piece of crystal, obviously this is Kanrethad and Jubeka tried to make things, but you still don't know the two people to go to.

In the mist drinking find black prince and ask him whether he know that two people's whereabouts.

Waiting for the dark reapers

Waiting for aboard the contact you

[To Be Continued in Patch 5.2...]


< name >, I've never heard of a dark reapers parliament. However, they pretend to my father power that let me very concern.

But, I also have successful, that is to be able to help me find them. My spy have infiltrated the alliance and the horde KaSang post in the war. As the war was ending, I'll help you.

You can because this the naaru artifact to me protection and breathe a sigh of relief - or the opposite - now you only need to give me die away.

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