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5.1 the new play fight club R8 warrior experience to share

See the soldiers several R8 result, all say in detail, just pass the R8 later, hereby to add a few details of the BOSS.
BOSS skills freeze arrow shadow bolt arcane explosion recruit two source mass crystal crystal BUFF100 layer after reading a seconds kill skills. Below the specifically ZS how to eat crystal.
BOSS in the square table, random in positive 180 degrees for two crystal. A crystal 83 k blood, BOSS2 minutes rage.
As shown in figure, if the first crystal brush in the mark 2 seat, I will choose the first crystal not dozen I eat a XX, diamond let BOSS stop. Then see two how.
If you are out in the XX side, is the ideal state, the diamond in the third out before their disappear. 90 degrees within the crystal line can all block, it can't stop trying to try to put the BOSS, arcane explosion dozen fly to walk again in the past, I am not met continuous play fly situation.

Experiment 12-B


If one side is a big jump out side, charge BOSS stop 2 line continue to play BOSS.
If you don't follow my choice game that kill a diamond, stop XX, not only waste the time to play diamond, two brush in diamond seat to the XX out, also loss a crystal layer. The two brush XX seat luck continues to play. If one side brush a, to kill diamond seat ran 2 times, a lot of running too waste DPS.
A single brush on the other side can choose a big jump/high number heroic throw/engineering gloves fireworks transmitter/engineering belt off bombs. Particular case is particular analysis, I just provide a train of thought.



Flametalon of Alysrazor


Talent I use again charge/recovery/collapse/dragon roar/reflection/bloody glyphs are rough interrupt/big jump/giant hit. In addition to meddler, I the other three are used this talent. Glyphs, eyes recovery in fury. Approach 3 seconds battle shout + potions. In the third giant fast good time open bloody dragon roar deadly quiet engineering gloves swipe (about forty seconds), the next CD to reckless willingly potions and in front of the open. This is the ultimate pressing DPS. The reckless willingly to kill stage don't cut hands away. Reasonable use of reverse, shield against collapse.

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