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5.1 the alliance and horde story line arrangement and prestige the trigger node

Task line open, varian and strategic lu assorted to pan Dali and set up camp, the two sides
Open scene campaign a little patience/darkness dagger
Friendly 950/6000:
Union line - thousand dough: in order to consolidate the pan Dali and action, the league back in the fight club kill time wash agent connery, this person is a drag master, was found for the dwarves makeup.
Tribal line, the sound of the gods: manasseh's harp to pan Dali and effectively, and met with lu assorted. In the sacred relics to archaeology by Lear · silver thorn efforts, tribe in the valley of the fathers find height about ray WangSheng clock clue, this is a can inspire our morale, to bring opponents are and fear clock.



Mottled Drake - WOW US


Friendly 4200/6000:
Union line - the sound of the gods: agent connery drag into pure land in the ancient cape tribe camp, found the tribe are looking for ray WangSheng clock;
Tribal line - tribe is family: woking in ancient road effectively by lu what the heart, is Chen storm spirits, I was saved by shoreland village culture. Woking through the furnace stone into the body in the dulong's thar big dens in the saar for help. In agra farewell later, thrall lifted the occupation echo islands library caron troops armed.
Respect 2850/12000:
Union line - jaina hope: the discovery of a large number of blood elves to participate in looking for ray WangSheng clock this fact, because their went to dalaran. And rhonin's successor, the incumbent will "red chief jaina says it does not want to see dalaran in this division.
Tribal line - blood will have blood: holy relics society in the old cape search for clues about ray WangSheng clock. Lu assorted without warning or archaeological scholars about the ancients into stone, leading to the investigation of the blood elves to many casualties. Los harp and express their dissatisfaction.
Respect 6800/12000:
Union line - KouRu clan: by Brian bronze mustache case accounted for the league lead team in Queensland laishan and sacred clothing to conflict.
Tribal line - KouRu clan: in order to avoid the interference of assorted or lu, los harp and lead the blood elves secret to the valley of the emperor for the thunder WangSheng clock clues, and find a simple name, seems to know some clues of the ancients. Single Jane makes the blood elves troops into a crisis, then to effectively lu assorted seriously wounded single Jane. In and of the er · silver thorn discussion, or lu assorted agreed to give a simple life, but he also warned that do not want to appear this kind of from their actions.



Savage Raptor - WOW EU



Respect 10750/12000:
Union line -- the league of heart: for their return from dalaran found union soldiers were evil spirit infection, become mania and rich offensive; Varian, jaina, Mr Bolton and tyrande discussion, it is thought that the alliance does not use down to the evil energy.
Tribal line - pride: bain to pan Dali and, tribal soldiers were evil spirit infection, become mania and rich offensive. In the tribal leaders meeting, los harp and expressed using brake can upset, but what think all rich or lu the force things should be used for the tribe.
Reverence 2700/21000:
Union line - the past secret: agent connery linkage between soldiers into library into the laishan tribe camp, and steal drink bain configuration interrogation with wine, understand the ray WangSheng clock in.
Tribal line - the rise of blood elves in silvermoon city research the ancient ruins of romance and ai SARS by evil spirit can influence and become mood swings, buried in the outbreak, the contradiction between the two dreadful shindy. State of affairs subsided, los harp and said the blood elves have been tied to the strategic lu assorted chariots, and how to return to the idea of alliance.
Reverence 6650/21000:
Union line - holy clock: union in Queensland laishan im found ray WangSheng clock, and buried in commander Sara ha · heavenly sword under the leadership of the old guard annihilation of the soul, win the holy clock, and start the transfer spells to darnassus.
Tribal line - the past secret: bain configuration the interrogation with wine, learned the ray WangSheng clock in.
Reverence 10650/21000:
Union line - clear dalaran: hidden in darnassus holy clock sense stolen. Jaina in investigation found a door of dalaran portal, such as theft is of dalaran, take the act, determined to dalaran within the tribe power drive clean. Vereesa windrunner lead silver covenant elf began to clear action. In the cleaning action ends, varian said jaina would this have moved blood elf camps to pressure or what to lu side, go against the enemy camp collapse; And jaina think a day for tribes, tribal life, and against the league, will be punished.
Tribal line - holy clock: tribal finally also learned that the holy clock, and buried in the mag han blademaster ish under the command of the expansion raid. Although struck union commander Sarah admire, but the bell has been sent to darnassus.
Reverence 14500/21000:
Union line - an ancient ally: spend alone for the emperor to lai mountain valley for cracked ray WangSheng clock method, in the valley of the emperor, he found the primary monkey emperor rick mention grams, legend of the Monkey King. In a test later, Monkey King decided to lend a hand.
Tribal line - darnassus action: in the er · silver thorn under the assistance, tribal success into darnassus steal holy clock, and then returned to the clean traces.
Reverence 18200/21000:
Union line -- seek peace: Monkey King told their cause, pandas were made for restraint ray WangSheng clock peace bell pestle, but was due to safety concerns and the Monkey King into three parts. Because of their success in some twists and turns after combination of the clock pestle.
Tribal line - clear dalaran: jaina eventually found to be dalaran, from those involved in stealing the holy clock action, began to clear dalaran tribal forces. Romance has been organized the rescue forces from dalaran sewer into the city, and finally rescued from the part, and imprisoned, took the leader ai SARS.
Of the alliance/horde line - deep dull's breath: lu or what finally in the treasure house of GuShan taken a ray WangSheng bell, bell to include ish, tribal soldiers began to turn down. But after a short while hiding in their side for seize the opportunity with peaceful bell pestle taken a holy clock, the holy clock down can become a harmonious voa. Hopping mad effectively lu assorted in seriously because their while miss break already useless holy clock. Then their dying for come to the rescue of coalition forces to save lions port.

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