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5.1 test suit fight club has this chronicle: meets against


Fight club is new in 5.1 an important play. Players will be able to in the underground arena challenges monster to show their PVE (buy cheap WOW gold)ability. Recently, the new play has been in 5.1 test server this chronicle above. Now open the first level of ordinary ", the follow-up may be more wonderful.

Known to exhaust the BOSS are:

· Leprosy dwarf all five of them

· Dungeon lords WeiSha (color prison BOSS)

· The storm the dragon king kula card

· Gem knight tariq (LOL)

· Black iron Mars thay deling (black stone pit arena NPCS)

· Mill house · mana storm (pick up soap meets)

· Small gram SuEn eye

· Vanity mecha decepticon

· Goblins alchemy division

· A head of uldum crocodile

· A magic ancient wizard

· A nameless undead

In addition, the alliance and the horde can row the BOSS may be different. This point needs to be confirmed.

Underground arenas in the BOSS is random, meets an old rivals and many rivals.

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