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5.1 DPS ranking arcane govinda enhance gaza came in third

 The latest bulletin from the front, wow5.1 mage is great BUFF, kiss the son is no misnomer, in the latest world of warcraft 5.1 DPS mage DPS list, not stingy govinda, can't look in the eye!
Nonsense not much said, on one piece of 5.1 DPS list.
Have to say that blizzard or realize the demise of the arcane, so in 5.1 the mage three talents, in PVE areas began to lead, and 5.1 ice method can be said to be PVP and PVE c, but later must see little, reason mages should understand with their heart, direct a sword ah, damage reduction.
5.1 the latest DPS simulation rankings



Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake



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