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5.0 warrior: as a warrior PVP you what you should to do

Because of the clothes and the world synchronization cause without a forerunner of the experience, and the loss of old players and so on reasons, this season a lot of skill is need to consider and to see masters series take summed up on my own experience.
This post, I will not introduce some basic output technique and macro this kind of thing, the main is to provide to you a train of thought, more skills are need to think of. Like calm dangers in this ability's name, when a dogskin plaster die post goals and can't let you become god of war, calm thinking reasonable arrangement skills control outbreaks of anger, not disorderly according to a keyboard.

Constant output cycle? Outbreak is an art
PVP soldiers really have cycle? Perhaps, but is not a heavy unchanged, you are playing PVP rather than farm play pile BOSS.
Priority lethal, pressing, empty CD play slam, and anger overflow use heroic this routine is not for each time.
PVP soldiers needs more is accused of anger, because most of the time you are in defensive stance of (especially spell X combination, a fire will turn you dizzy in battle stance you may have no chance to cut attitude. New anger system lead to soldiers are now can't no brain abuse his anger.
I feel like such a windbag, for example!

When you use a key output macro, lethal pressing __ of __ rhythm, ensure the anger no overflow, DPS give full play to. And I don't mention interrupt bar, perfect circumstances, you anger no waste, means that your full injury really is the highest. But have you ever consider opposite treatment?.
Treatment what circumstance pressure is the biggest, and not a long time of stable blood off, but the large sudden spray blood. In the treatment is not control, use lethal pressing stable output pressing blood line, high anger after the giant, hit your giant slam and bravery, sudden large spray blood, and persecute treatment skills to add into the blood, at that time a control (can be you can also is your teammates). Struck point appeared

PVP is need to play the outbreak, control good anger make your DPS in a certain point to achieve maximization to manufacturing struck point and persecuted out each other's skills.

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