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5.0 team copy: series of platform strategy about the Mists of Pandaria

When fear of evil spirit invasion of Taiwan series, three sainted jin fish people guardian was corrupt. They have rebelled against other mortal guard, will they all to kill. This several distorted guardian has now turned their attention, intention to eliminate any dare to prevent down the last defense line of the crushing local snoop.

BOSS strategy

The boss is Mr Dewar steel parliament updated version.

The battle you need to face to three BOSS, each BOSS has his own skills. Players need not according to fixed order struck BOSS, but every kill a BOSS, the rest of the BOSS have a layer of corrosion evil spirit can, life to the full, and get an additional skills.

Three BOSS were guardians exam is blue, and the elders, Gail, SaNi o elders. The exam orchid and gruppo Gail need by two tanks were Tampa live. SaNi o without tanks, gruppo Gail need to have a full range of interrupt. Generally, the main T will take an examination of orchid open, vice T will gruppo Gail pull in SaNi o next to pay attention to interrupt two BOSS of article reading skills.

Recommend struck order:

Take an examination of blue - - > gruppo Gail -- - > SaNi o

After the death of every BOSS will get a AOE skill, every time after AOE will give on the player range 1 layer improve suffers injury DEBUFF. If debuff stack is too high will increase treatment of stress. This debuff can be made SaNi o corrosion of water polo skills clear. So we will SaNi o until the last struck. Another due to take an examination of blue 1 layer corrosion skills after the pit dad, and its own life value maximum, so we first struck exam orchid.

And other two team this, 1 BOSS war basic also send, although finally fell a blue loading .

If is to press the struck sequence, then battle should pay attention to, lump dispersion stance. Gruppo Gail tanks interrupt good, ceding a interrupt skills players (preferably milk ride) hang the whole o SaNi interrupt (CD good interrupt line, BOSS will cast away the skills, and in the first BOSS died other BOSS blood will be back to full). Gruppo Gail lightning cage damage is not high, only need attention away from the cage teammates. SaNi o will be on the court summons 2 kind of water polo, purification water polo after landing will give other BOSS h., corrosion existing water polo will improve the BOSS rapidly. Purifying water polo first time will BOSS open (the blue ring), corrosion water polo in before out of all players should be in water polo place centralized elimination debuff corrosion, but also can get 15 seconds rapid increase 100% of buff.

This struck order, take an examination of orchid after die, Gail will cast lightning storm, please read the article in the BOSS went to the gruppo Gail near 15 yards, and then click on the picture below way to avoid this ability.

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