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25 H series table fear of evil spirit pain warlock experience to share

Soul bleed: P1 BOSS ontology counter pressure treatment in T body, so table DPS basic is not treated with you.
Death coil: h. conventional means.
Soul link: you can select the dark trading. Prevent be shy at the same time no one brush LTD volume water surged this situation without solution. The reason why I choose soul link is to believe that his teammates milk quantity is actually I greed DPS
Deflagration sprint: it is nothing to choose.
Demonic sacrifice: P1 and P2 of pure pile half pile and Rush stage undoubtedly sacrifice is the best choice.
Kj yells cunning: for P1 and P2 hide arrow run spout water surged without waste output time is better than no doubt manasseh's lowes fury. Because P2 little monster is in the BOSS of left and right hands back and forth kite, and dense, so there is no promise and lowes fury support 15 yards range enough.
Fatigue curse: P2 small blame before 4-1 is 4 small blame before (like is only 4, well, it should be 4 only) is SS group reduction. In fact, I am spare tire. 4 only after the DZ reduction, but also can provide group 5% spell easy injury, so love the DZ

Reins of the Jade Cloud Serpent


You should be aware of before
Total less than twenty minutes for... 300 food to eat up.
Rapid recast in 4717 corrosion more jump on the threshold. P2 small strange DOT later request speed A situations is impossible to give you plenty of time to keep 3 DOT, with my current equipment for the sacrifice in exchange for hundreds of point rapid recast to valve value that the corrosion is worth it.
As long as the scoring P2 will have a rapid BUFF was ray of hope. Provide 15% haste. But this is only to P1, P2 into effective after the BUFF will disappear. On this basis to ensure its own rapidly fit BUFF can achieve 29.16% above (i.e. pain 4 jump) can.

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