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10 normal mode unspeced warrior series of table 1-3 BOSS experience to share


To set the near 10 people group stumbled in the last week the fear through the. Series Taiwan directly the yesterday. I bear T, said the first three, be careful to it.

Under the first squad and feels particlarly upsetting even at Tampa, Milk ride a shaman milk ride; The hunter mage warlock warrior thieves

The no.1 Guardian. Direct dozen elite, ZST pull test LAN and water king, I charge electric king. To interrupt ZS DZ FS, I mainly responsible for BOSS feet out after spring break, the interrupt must promptly, and interrupt slightly after run a little. Electric king a little name, dispersion station went, DZ cloak solvable. We are after the killing and DZ ZS also come over and help output electric king.


 After the death of king electricity at water king, ZST to take an examination of orchid pull to the outside, the water and electricity king, out of the ring interrupted and then opened, the water polo to help beat two remember let DPS close to eat rapid BUFF. Pull test LAN T in the outer anti BOSS, a white ring immediately open, as far as possible the white ring exhaust close point.
Water after the death of the king, remote centralized, I stand to T behind 30 yards, and out of the first big ring taunt BOSS, melee valued DBM run in advance, the ground out white ring immediately move, layer high remember cover from injury, valued DBM BOSS article to read the big circle a group of rush, sideways run away, don't leak PP, etc on the extinction ZS DEBUFF open ambition top quiet stick rejuvenation rub anger it. 1 elite really simple, eat hardware. The first familiar with process, the second have.



No. 2 Candle dragon, process is not complicated, but eat hardware. His hands ZST big jump cut BOSS, as far as possible don't let BOSS mobile, pillar out depends head, the beam on the monitors BOSS. See DBM, BOSS prepare spume and go pillar under the extinction DEBUFF, after spray to ZS position digs BOSS, open incarnation, as far as possible many cracked the injury, "frenziedregeneration". Be after spray in T go away light DEBUFF, several cycle almost into the day, try to pressure to less than 65%.


The day the first big strange DPS set flash point, pull to the leading position let BOSS spray dead small blame.
Courtside brush little strange eat all kinds of fixed body deceleration, don't eat bear hug. After the second spume open ambition top help brush two, a touch can detonation 100 w + the third little play blame out speed point and kill, small blame to control, BOSS in into the night before and last spume, must in the spume before big strange killed. Into the night after the first remaining small strange point out, or hit BOSS returned to 500 w. The night rhythm is changeless, open bloodthirsty fierce lu ~ the second day can only treat save the world.




No.3 sprout BOSS. In front of the small blame ferity extremely, just start don't know how to play, charge up all skills into still seconds, out two didn't know how to play. The hunter misleading little strange, single chao a out, later other small blame will first drill ground, the point, and drill out before you move on to the single point. Small blame damage slightly tall, don't mean skills. 3 focus MT separate station, 8 layer or so taunt, layer high bark. The first two small blame three, behind only four. Advance points good control, SS exile, LR refrigerator, SM can also control.

The best is the current T layer high in T taunt and then the current T to pull a small, mark, don't call the wrong target, resistance to BOSS T layer high two people in goal, this time blood line pressure big, covering skills. BOSS disappeared as points good regional AOE find BOSS, BOSS out slowly back to the middle, change the quickening pace of T. Put "get out" skills, his rage recovery treatment to reduce pressure, distance and charge or in the head with a brick. Feel the difficulty of number three is a little strange when T pressure, and later the BOSS cast more and more T lead to T pressure is more and more big. Yesterday tried several times hit 40%, 11 o 'clock the party went down, continue to tonight.
Above is the first 3 series of bear T experience, write more disorderly, the deficiency please you pointed out to the rest of the added.



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