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10 H magic Gu moutain treasure spirits who gerben raya milk gaza result

First spit slot on the BOSS, fully pressure us three CD, known as the equipment testing machine, not false, when the team wear etc are in more than 475 time to try, but the gap is still in about 4000 w. The decision to give up the common charge off, fear of heart opened, equipment promoted the try again, and finally today in pressure with rage line to get past.
Nonsense not say more, share more combat experience, still in the battle to base the friends of cheering! The first editor post, many not, you bother everybody!

1. Team configuration:
DK and FQ jotham, DD aspects: AM, and destroy technique, the cat DE, hunter, JLM, FS * 2. Treatment: milk S and milk Q. Also is in the fable 2.5 treatment play
Here we use 2.5 treatment main factor is the zha a pit of dad DKT, because DKT special mechanism, leading and even WuDuWaWa personnel all kinds of unknown truth death, is really very miserably is very miserable. There are conditions team try not to practical DKT.
2.5 treatment reduce injury will be relatively more, BOSS small wild time group blood pressure not so big, and JLM as BOSS call the roll WuDuWaWa distribution will engaged a quota. Because BOSS point mechanism is each round will point a jotham, a treatment and a DPS. And JLM must be as a treatment of quota.


2. Depletion of aspects

Tanks aspects: because H model new big strange mechanism, (a kind of only tanks can see for themselves, a into diamond DPS can also see) then need to enter the diamond two DPS help T point off can see white monster, or time, T because of single pick not over big strange and hang up close to the best.
DPS aspects: WuDuWaWa in all people get fly cutter, resulting in a milk not, hang up. Especially and DKT connecting two unlucky, 1 s off blood 30 w have wood, and rich 10 w have wood!
Lump aspects: diamond little strange constantly refresh, into the diamond DPS can't fill knife kill, field of pressure is too great, lump sexual crash.
2012 properties: BOSS6 points the whole hard rage, no any chance to escape, even if full blood meal, is also the lump seconds kill.

3. Go on into the circulation

Here is a windbag point, in view of my word poor, also hope that everybody can see understand
P.S: the BOSS war only need to approach 7 times, then into the eighth time represents immediately GG think close to the. We according to such circulation distribution out into playing staff. A lot of team is not only a DPS not enough reason, or because into confusion leads to play.

The door DD priority:
Priority: SS (destruction) and AM. (full screen rain of fire and all kinds of multiple target is diamond sweep the floor VIP). Residual FS, LR, XD, belongs to the approach point and kill SS and AM multi-objective DOT left CanXie little strange.
Example: the opening point NQ, then I as a main treatment must be into the first root TT, plus the SS and AM. So the three of us as a combination, sure be ours.
2.4.6 about the approach:
The call also have order: will point 1 jotham 1 dd1 complement. So was the call's complement and DD must be into 2 root totem. As we three people combination third root TT out, the fourth is no point WuDuWaWa into two DD + opening has not been named in the treatment.
In fact, the whole 1,3,5,7 is a set of permanent staff. Among different catalysts only need to have a change. Have no choice, because WuDuWaWa will point three men and a 30 s inside cannot again into diamond's DBUFF, alternative is not much.

4. Combat TIPS:
Opening: advance into hard drugs, opening SX, including treatment. The crowd set position. The element of fire, flame shock, a ball of fire, lightning bolt, (the opening group blood pressure is not big, JLM smite, treatment of the spring TT is enough)
Some dolls the first approach: RL distribution into diamond's personnel, and ready to enter the second root TT personnel allocation (that is, opening the treatment and DD and arbitrary DD). This time need to throw out of the rain, I,3,5,7 as a door treatment, blue no pressure,
Into the first before TT lost out back to the blue TT, catch up on flame TT, give BOSS good DOT, there is time to rub point lightning bolt and fireball. Remember that team at any time difference DPS. Pressure time 10 s into diamond, so that can help the door hit a rattlesnake play strange, don't let him be pit die, field.
After the second root TT: arrange approach personnel seconds into into diamond DD point drop on a round CanXie left little strange, at this time will find little strange number less than three.
I walked through the door to brush blood ways: riptide + healing surge, empowered healing too slow, or the simple and crude means is better, and the pursuit of speed, fast also lost. Brush with direct out, alleviate off-board pressure. Let DD to stay inside for a while, make some is few, card time out with respect to OK
When a third of TT was the first round of the three (NS, AM, SS) such a in and out of circulation, 1,3,5,7 through hang DOT. Play to small blame CanXie out. Different catalysts in complement knife.
RUSH stages:
7 root TT after coming out, also is the BaoTuan RUSH. Diamond small blame will be more and more, at this time the need to open skills, RL distribution good reduce injury, cover pull, aura to pull, pull the vampire, milk tidal pull, the soul TT pull, rise to pull, all kinds of bright red big sugar life.
Pay attention to skills do not hand in repeat, relay to. Keep to the BOSS death and reduce injury a cycle. The remaining on the DSP
P.S: milk S here spread good rain, milk tide toss out after brush chain. Milk after the tide open soul TT then rise to the T fierce brush. Basic have reduced the wound covering the past time pressure not particularly big.

5. The battle of the summary:
We are the team overall DPS all higher than 7.5

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