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WoW Player Creates Video Guide on Power Levelling

World of Warcraft player has created a hand video guide on how to sprint through Blizzard’s latest expansion--Warlords of Draenor, after trying and testing, levelling from 90 to 100 just need five hours. 

 The player named Asmongold uses various techniques to achieve his speedy time. In-game, he uses heirloom items and  experience potions from his Garrison to boost his bonus experience through the roof. That, combined with a well thought  out route--aided by the Handynotes addon and its Draenor expansion--makes for one of the most experience-per-hour  levelling route around. Do you prefer to whizz through the levels and expansion, or do you take a more relaxed approach  when it comes to levelling? Some players think this will be pretty cool, but others have some different opinions, how do you  think about this, feel free to let us know about your comments.

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