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The world of warcraft: Mists of Pandaria new features challenge mode preview


Time is a second pass. Your team so far are still doing well, but you realize, if not pick up speed and unite as one, you cannot catch up with the steps of time. You came to the underground city before the princes of the final, you face very granite: this will be a gold medal, although release your horse come here. Leader's health gradually less, but the timer on the rest of the time also can use to calculate the seconds. You key refers to such as fly, began moving towards his teammates Shouting, open skills open adorn article open big recruit hurriedly put him to the play ground. With his team-mates victory of shout, leaders fall, the underground city you refresh the fastest customs clearance time. You get through the challenge mode.

Mists of Pandaria the challenge mode will give long-tested underground city team of experts and high-end players provides new challenges and new reward. The rules are simple: once you choose the underground city challenge mode, you and your team will have to accept the challenge of time in a limited amount of time, play in the underground city, the sooner the better. Finish time is shorter, the rewards more rich.

In the underground city before, you can choose to challenge mode. In this mode, your goal is very clear: with the fastest speed and beat the underground city all the princes. Your equipment will be standardization, means in the challenge mode, you can only use a set to conform to the underground city difficult equipment, and not your own equipment. Therefore, the difficulty of the challenge to all players are equal. According to you complete underground city speed, you will be able to get three MEDALS: gold, silver and bronze MEDALS. Perfect teamwork, good communication and mutual support and encouragement will be get the gold medal the necessary skills.

So, honed your skills, make your tactics, and bear in mind that the exchange and cooperation is the key to success. Challenge mode is coming, are you ready?

Run a race with time:




According to you through challenge mode underground city time, your team scores will be divided into several levels. In the shortest time period customs clearance can let you win gold MEDALS, over time, the longer you get MEDALS the lower level. Your gold and other challenge mode achievements will be system records, you can ask other players to show off your achievements, and check their grades. You can within the guild and other players, and even the whole server all comparison, see who won the most MEDALS.

And challenging for honours:




Through the challenge mode, awards most is adornment with appearance. Including the exciting new equipment model, new mount and new title, etc., with rewards victory over the most difficult challenge mode underground city players. Get more MEDALS, you can solve the more rewards. Reward will be divided into gold, silver, copper three levels. As you have three different MEDALS, can you solve three levels of the different reward.

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