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On dark field guide at Mists of Pandaria

This is your passport to wealth,  friend! But, well, you know, we still need to collect some fees, not much, just so much junk just, on your way to the great hero of the very is trivial. Yet, we call these things on dark secret things, dark months secret things in azeroth spread everywhere. When you explore dungeons, fight monsters, or on the battlefield bloody battles, dark field on guidelines will help you find on dark secret things. If there is no this dark field on guidelines, you'll never find the existence of these things, so that the guidelines will help you pay attention to what we want. Whatever you just reach ten level just, or kill the surface has been the biggest crook, we will find them from you what you want. You don't need special trudge look for these items, and for every month we looking for a new chance to secret things. The deal to do you have any good? Don't worry, you will have your sweet taste of. When you bring us on dark secret things, you besides can get considerable experience value (you know, can be used to upgrade), to win a better reputation, are more likely to win the dark months circus prize ticket!

I have mentioned? Every month on dark circus set up good, ready to open, the player can use dark field on guidelines, to dark months island.


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