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The world of warcraft: Mists of Pandaria new features challenge mode preview

Nov 19, 2018

Time is a second pass. Your team so far are still doing well, but you realize, if not pick up speed and unite as one, you cannot catch up with the steps of time. You came to the underground city before the princes of the final, you face very granite: this

On dark field guide at Mists of Pandaria

Nov 19, 2018

This is your passport to wealth, o friend! But, well, you know, we still need to collect some fees, not much, just so much junk just, on your way to the great hero of the very is trivial. Yet, we call these things on dark secret things, dark months secret

What is unreal at Mists of Pandaria ?

Nov 19, 2018

Virtual spirit unreal of science and technology. They will travel to azeroth's each big city, for adventurers are to provide a special service: will a magic item appearance copied to another item. And their charge is very cheap, is absolutely conscience c

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