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Star Wars: empire novice development detailed strategy

Play the game to give new players a little development strategy, badly written please don't mind.

First just enter the game according to task process step by step to do, some people may not like to do the task and the like with their own ideas to develop, but because the overhand resources shortage, and task send resources reward or very rich, so I suggest or according to the task will do on the first day of the development of faster.

When you finished all the new task you should have a small amount of troops and a new planet, this time you should choose the next his development course

Line 1: Farmers farming

Building and science and technology major upgrade resources construction and resource addition technology, best can join a powerful army, corps level is higher, the addition of resources is more, and then develop colonial star, colonial star is also to upgrade resources level is given priority to, build troops priority industrial ship and transport, industrial ship can mining more resources, transport can be in you each planet don't mean all the resources in transportation and allocation, more rapid upgrade each building

Line 2: To fight a war

As a Wolf you must speed to build a large number of battle fleet out plunder others, you may need to start to rob pirate NPC, every day in the three rob must keep to live, then keep using investigation around the other players, found a farming immediately rob resources, in the plunder process need to carry a lot of cargo ships, advertising your battle ship is not to return back how many resources, so don't waste your daily three times the number of plunder the same players, or not to rob, want to rob a took him home resources move empty, and is constantly made more advanced attack ships and upgrading of offensive and defensive addition of science and technology, and then robbed more advanced pirates and players

The two development route each has its own advantages, early farmers war not, will be affected by surrounding the player's attack and plunder, but if you resources use of quick, underground warehouse made deep, others also could not rob what east east, later period due to eight star yield high star at the same time made soldiers speed will be very fast, and even if be polishing forces recovery is also very quick, also does not exist on the possibility of waste; And the Wolf's advantage we also know the overhand can go into battle, the basic resources by rob, as long as you spend more energy, you gain resources not fewer than farming, but also can get a lot from battle debris, defect is need you invest more time and energy, at any time control of the other players around the development situation, and must protect its main force, if the main force be destroyed recovery can't so easy.

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