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Star Wars: empire detection means and its necessity

The enemy can awareness. Taken by the new general is blind you hit me I play the way you, once the attack, immediately rushed up to beat method is extremely not scientific, the next general can be divided into two kinds, the enemy fired slip or don't care of the steel plate. So master two big detection means is extremely necessary.

Two detection means were spy satellite detection and star roaming state perception. It is well known two detection means success rate is by ultrasonic skill level of influence, but the shadow could everyone is not very clear. First mention, in the medium term is usually have a lot of science and technology need to upgrade, all players are generally not may ultrasonic level promotion is too high, so often meet failure detection of all beasts. This problem can be corrected by practicing a detection trumpet to solve, make a trumpet finish new task, and then the development of colonial mania practice ultrasonic, do not have a few days can to the level 30. Ask the way, sometimes even more advanced ultrasonic could detect failure, its reason general has the following two points: first, the detection satellite number is too little, recommended about 50 diamonds together; Second, the other party made a lot of defense facilities and ultrasonic rating is low, it is need to eradicate the enemy's defenses, and now this was supposed to interplanetary missile 't-hurt-you-but-can 't-help-you Settings became edge tool. I measured, 1 pieces of interstellar missile general can exchange for the enemy five door energy gun loss, high performance-to-price ratio.

Then talk about the characteristics of perception. Perception is the star roaming state leap to the target galaxies, close to the target after planet can use skills. Its success rate calculation method should be (our ultrasonic skill level - each other ultrasonic skill level) * 10% and can be a negative value. This is also I recommend practice a detection small reason, if the other party than you ultrasonic level high words you won't be able to perceive the object ball trend.

Finally talk about two means of necessity it, high precision accurate detection can detect the other side of the mineral resources, construction, science and technology, defense, fleet, defense information (note: two or more players zone the same planet will not respectively show). Mineral deposits is detonation bin is measured online if the other party one of the means, general online players mineral deposits is not detonation of warehouse. And defense, fleet and defense information is to measure whether you qualified to crack down on the other side of the reference material. And perception can perceive object ball all the trend, bag expanding maneuver, attack, defense, and strike, transport and so on, and were all marked the current action time remaining, timing unit for seconds. This information is not only if an enemy is one of online reference material and can have another important use, is what we used to say after seconds, in the enemy return planet after 1 ~ 3 seconds by enemy reaction not timely precision strike enemy return fleet. As for why blow back to the fleet, because return cannot be recalled, so is the best ambush time point.



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