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Mists of Pandaria fishing result: Pandaria and the mainland each fish distribution



Pandaria  what kind of fish is not many. The waters of the fish production will catch, of the fish in fish.
Pandaria and the sea: refresh giant mantis shrimp and octopus fish. Jade forest, fear waste soil, mantis plateau surface is mountain cliffs, KaSang post jungle and rakkon laishan the sea fish is rich.

In addition to fish beyond, the sea can catch giant praying mantis shrimp, octopus.

Almost all the fish in the water will catch [golden carp], this kind of fish no fish.

Fish in probability catch [sealed box], random out pan Dali and ore, leather, herbs, fabrics, potions, all kinds of food, dark months firewater, etc

Jade Lin:

Red belly mandarin fish group of emerald green lungfish group

KaSang post jungle:

KaSang LangBai scale fish king salmon group

Wreck (KaSang post jungle - fisherman's wharf)

Caught 20 remains only out of the garbage, still have a lot of time fishing out anything, only to see I rose by 1 point fishing points, there may be BUG.

Four wind valley:

King salmon group KaSang post white sturgeon group

Queensland laishan:

Sting skin fish tiger wire foot fish

Mantis plateau:

King salmon group of red belly mandarin fish group

The valley:

King salmon group of treasure zebra fish red belly mandarin fish group


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