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5.0 prestige the guest and farm system introduction

Version 5.0 also increased more let players and NPC interaction among mode, and small farms have fun is one of a kind. Players can grow their own crops, get from material to combat pet and so on return, at the same time, it also is corresponding to the new prestige "the guest". This interesting leisure play to how to start with? Come and see us soon to you finish the preliminary guide!

A lot of people think, blizzard crazy, unexpectedly in warcraft joined the farm system! Despite this, as a leisure system, this completely won't let people to subvert the warcraft sense, after all, blizzard and not want to build a serious atmosphere. More, we all hope can easily game isn't it?

The system's main composition in fact part is daily, and farm system is just one part of it, the most key! Others and your farm is not a plane have wood! Well, is to say can't steal food.

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